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Defining Product Classes

The Product Class field is used in addition to the Product Line field to indicate the asset classes of securities when they are added to Siebel Finance. Using Siebel Finance, you can add and modify the asset classes that appear in the Product Class field.

The task is part of Setting Up Securities Lists of Values.

To add a product class for a security

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > List of Values view.
  2. Run a new query for Type = FINS_ASSET_CLASS.

    The current FINS_ASSET_CLASS records are returned with the existing list of values for the Product Class type.

  3. In the List of Values list, add a record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Check box to determine whether or not the value is displayed to the end user in the Product Class dialog box.

    Display Value

    Value as displayed in the Product Class drop-down list.

    Language-Independent Code

    Code used internally by the Siebel application.

    Language Name

    Language used for the list of values Display Value field.


    Numerical order in which a value is displayed within the Product Class drop-down list.

    Parent LIC

    Language-independent code of a parent list of values. It is used in hierarchical lists of values.


    When checked, indicates that the list of values is part of a multilingual list of values (MLOV).


    The type of list of values. Select FINS_ASSET_CLASS.

NOTE:  Deleting LOV table entries is not recommended; instead, use the Active check box to deactivate an LOV entry and thereby remove it from the Product Class drop-down list.

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