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About Viewing and Creating Subordinate's Forecasts Remotely

Managers can create a forecast and see their subordinates' forecasts remotely only if the forecasts of the subordinates have already been created and synchronized to the manager's local database.

A manager cannot create a subordinate's forecast using auto-forecast on the Siebel Remote Web Client as the manager can when using the connected client. Therefore, there can be no duplication of effort between the manager and the subordinate, and synchronization confusion is avoided.

If a sales representative's forecast has not already been created, then the manager, after creating the representative's forecast remotely and then docking, will need to associate the subordinate's forecast using the Subordinates view in the Forecasts screen.

NOTE:  Preconfigured Siebel Remote Web Client users have local access to revenues and revenue plans in the Opportunities screen, and to the My Revenues view. However, they do not have access to revenues from accounts, products, or contacts remotely as they do when they are connected. For help with adding views to Siebel Remote Web Client, contact your Oracle sales representative for Oracle Advanced Customer Services to request assistance from Oracle's Application Expert Services.

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