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Adjusting a Subordinate's Forecast

When the sales manager creates a forecast, the Subordinates view is populated with the total value of each of the manager's subordinates' forecasts.

This view offers the manager the ability to adjust the aggregate value of each subordinate's forecasts by a percentage based on the individual's historical forecasting accuracy. The percentage adjustment is entered manually into the Adjust % field. The Revenue field is factored by this percentage and the result is displayed in the Adjusted Revenue field.

A manager cannot edit any of the other fields in the Subordinates view and this also applies to new fields added to the view. If a manager needs to adjust revenue or other details for subordinates, he must do so in the Details view.

NOTE:  Managers can only adjust a subordinate's forecast from the Subordinates view if the forecast is a summary type forecast.

To see the details of a subordinate's forecast, drill down on the Owner hyperlink.

TIP:   The Siebel administrator or sales manager can change the status of a submitted forecast to allow an end user to revise a forecast and submit it again. This simplifies the process of revising a forecast.

To adjust a subordinate's forecast

  1. Navigate to the Forecasts screen.
  2. In the Forecasts list, drill down on the summary forecast that includes subordinate forecasts.
  3. Click the Subordinates view tab.
  4. Locate the record that requires adjustment, select the Adjust % field and then enter the appropriate percentage in whole numbers.

    The Adjusted Revenue field displays the value of the revenue field factored by the percentage adjusted. (The Adjusted Revenue field is a calculated field. No data entry is allowed.)

NOTE:  In Siebel 2000, managers used a Revise Forecast button to adjust forecasts after they had been submitted. In Siebel 7.0 and later, the Revise button is no longer needed to revise subordinate forecasts because end users can delete their active forecasts. Also, managers can submit or unsubmit a subordinate's forecast by changing the Status field in the forecast from Active to Submitted or vice versa.

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