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Updating Revenues from a Forecast

Updating revenues from a forecast allows an end user to update live revenue records with the current forecast updates. This eliminates a number of steps. Updating revenues from a forecast only applies to forecasts with details.

After an end user (manager or subordinate) edits the Adjustment field, he or she can update the revenues in the Revenue screen by selecting the Update Revenue Item menu option. The Revenue field in the Forecast Detail record is then updated with the total of the adjustment and the previous revenue value, and the Adjustment value is reset to zero.

A manager can update revenues as follows:

  • If the forecast detail depth is Revenue Detail, a subordinate's revenues and his or her own revenues
  • If the forecast detail depth is Summary Only, his or her own revenues only.

A subordinate can update his or her own revenues for forecasts with detail depth of Revenue Detail, or Summary Only.

Updating Revenues Containing Custom Fields

Any custom fields added to the Revenue business component are not by default updated when the end user selects Update Revenue Item.

To enable the updating of custom revenue fields, the end user must add a Revenue Field Map: Forecast Item Detail Field Name user property to the Forecast 2000 -- Forecast Item and Forecast 2000 -- Forecast Item Detail business components with a value of Corresponding Revenue Custom Field Name.

For example, if an end user has added the custom field Global Business Unit to the Revenue and Forecast Item Detail business components, the following user property must be added to the Forecast 2000 -- Forecast Item Detail business component:

Revenue Field Map: Global Business Unit

Value: Global Business Unit

For more information about this user property, see Table 15.

To update revenue items from a forecast

  1. Navigate to the Forecasts screen.
  2. In the Forecasts list, drill down on the forecast to be updated.
  3. In the Details view, select the revenue item to be updated.
  4. Click the menu button, and then click Update Revenue Item.

    This updates the revenue item with the most recent adjustment from the Forecasts screen.

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