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Scenario for Forecasting - Product Quantity Forecasting

A regional sales manager runs a forecast report on a monthly basis. He needs to view the forecast results grouped by Accounts, by Product Line within the accounts, and by Products within product lines (three dimensions). He creates the forecast by selecting a predefined forecast series for which the aggregate levels for the three dimensions have been defined.

The sales manager has three direct reports and usually creates the forecast for himself as well as all his direct reports, so his subordinates can focus their time and energy on managing the revenue pipeline and keeping opportunities up to date. He drills down into the forecast and uses the Forecast Summary view to easily find out the forecasted revenue and quantity of the products being forecasted and sold in each quarter of the year. After running the forecast, he analyzes all revenue records in the List and Tree view tabs.

The sales manager rejects or approves and adjusts his subordinates' forecasts as appropriate. The sales manager makes appropriate adjustments for individual products, aggregated revenues for Product Lines, as well as total revenues for some Accounts. He notices that when changing the revenue or quantity values for a particular product, the adjusted value is automatically rolled up to its parent Product Line and in turn to its immediate parent Account. The same is true if he changes the revenue/quantity values for a Product Line or Account, that is, their respective aggregated values are rolled up to their immediate parent (for example, Account rolls up to Date). After making the adjustments he submits the forecast to his manager.

When the sales manager's manager logs into the Siebel Sales application, in his forecast screen he sees all his subordinates' forecasts including the regional sales mangers's. He looks at the sales manager's revenue adjustment and makes a note to call and discuss the changes with him over the telephone.

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