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Viewing Forecast Details

The Forecast Details view contains the elements that sum to the total forecast revenue. At the sales representative level, the details include each of the revenue items queried into the forecast. The manager's forecast details can include summary amounts for immediate subordinates, if it is a summary type forecast, and direct revenue from the manager's own deals. The manager's forecast can include subordinates' forecast details, for a detail type forecast, instead of summaries depending on how the forecast series is set up.

Details can be adjusted. To view the adjustment history click the Date hyperlink. Also, from the Menu button end users can unadjust, update from revenue, update to revenue, auto-adjust an item from the last forecast, and see net revenue change from the last forecast. The Link Type field in the Details view indicates the type of records. The possible values are:

  • Direct Summary. A summary record of a direct subordinate forecast.
  • Item. A record owned by a subordinate.
  • Own Item. A revenue record owned by the current forecast. End users can adjust their own item records, which allows for changing expectations for the forecast without changing the actual revenue record.
  • Own Summary. A summary record for the current user. These records represent the detail records grouped only by date. The totals are the sums of all the detail records.

NOTE:  The forecast owner can modify the revenue values displayed in the Details view. However, these changes are not automatically aggregated into the forecast total. The end user must click the Menu button, and then click Rollup Parent Forecast to recalculate total forecast revenue.

Three options are available for viewing the details of a forecast.

  • List
  • Spreadsheet
  • Chart

To view forecast details

  1. Navigate to the Forecasts screen.
  2. In the Forecasts list, drill down on the forecast for which you want to view the details.
  3. In the Details view, drill down on each revenue item to view more information or click the List, Spreadsheet, or Chart hyperlink to view all details.

    The information is displayed based on your selection.

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