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Viewing the Forecast Summary

The Forecast Summary view displays the total forecast revenue broken down into the periods specified by the forecast series and grouped according to the aggregate levels defined for the forecast series. For example, the aggregated revenue, price, and quantity information might be grouped according to Account by Product Line by Product.

The summary periods are indicated by their respective start dates. For example, the calendar month of November 2004 is displayed as Nov 04 in the Summary view. The Revenue field shows the sum of revenues for each summary period. The owner can modify these summary revenue values. Changes to the summary revenue values immediately update the total forecast revenue.

The fields in the Summary view are displayed from left to right according to the aggregation level defined by the administrator. The Date field is considered to be at level 0 and is always the left-most column. The next field is the level 1 field, then the level 2 field and so on. For more information about how the administrator defines the aggregation levels, see Adding Aggregation Levels.

Every cell in the Summary view is editable, however new records can only be added in the Detail view.

Four options are available for viewing the forecast summary:

  • List
  • Tree
  • Spreadsheet
  • Chart

NOTE:  The Details view does not reflect changes made in the Summary view. If modifications have been made to the summary values, those values are overwritten when Rollup is selected.

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