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About Forecasting Screens

The following screens are used in Siebel Forecasting:

Administration - Forecast screen. Includes a Forecast Administration view, which allows you to create and define forecast series, and a Revenue Templates view, which allows you to create and define revenue templates. In the Forecast Administration view there are view tabs for:

  • Forecast Series Dates. Includes the dates on which each forecast of a series occurs.
  • Forecast Series Participants. Includes the employees who participate in a forecast series.
  • Forecast Series Organizations. Includes any organizations that participate in a forecast.
  • Aggregation. Includes the aggregation fields and aggregation levels that are used in the Summary view of a forecast.

Revenues screen. Includes every revenue to which you have access. These revenues can be associated with opportunities, accounts, projects, and so on. When you add a revenue to a Revenues view in a screen such as Opportunities, it appears where you add it, and it appears in the Revenues screen. You can analyze your revenues from the Revenues screen without performing a forecast.

Forecasts screen. Includes your forecasts of revenues over time. From the Forecasts screen you can create new forecasts, adjust forecasts, unadjust forecasts, reject forecasts, submit forecasts, and perform analysis on your forecasts. A forecast includes the following views:

  • Summary. Includes summed totals for the periods specified in the forecast series, grouped according to the aggregation levels defined for the forecast series. You can view the summary as a list, as a tree structure, as a spreadsheet, or as a chart.
  • Details. Includes revenue items queried into the forecast and in the case of a manager's forecast, summary amounts for subordinates. You can view the details as a list, as a spreadsheet, or as a chart.
  • Subordinates. Includes a manager's subordinate's forecasts.

NOTE:  The exact configuration of Siebel application screens, views, and fields depends on your company's configuration of the application.

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