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Setting Up Units of Measurement Conversion for Forecasting

To convert between different units of measurement you must set up the appropriate conversion data in the Administration - Data > Unit of Measurement Conversion view. A number of conversions in the categories Length, Volume, and Weight are supplied:

  • Length. Conversions between the Mile and Kilometer and Meter.
  • Weight. Conversions between the Pound and Kilogram and Gram.
  • Volume. Conversions between the Gallon and Quart and Liter.

You must define the other conversions that you require.

To create a unit of measurement conversion

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > Unit of Measurement Administration > Unit of Measurement view.
  2. Create a new record and complete the required fields

    Some fields are described in the following table:

    Field Name


    Defines the category of unit of measurement used. Select from Length, Volume, and Weight.

    The category selected determines the units of measurement available in the From UoM and To UoM fields.

    From UoM

    The unit of measurement from which to convert.

    To UoM

    The unit of measurement to which to convert.

    Conversion Factor

    The factor used in the conversion of units of measurement.

    NOTE:  The Preview field in the Unit of Measurement form displays values according to the values selected in the From UoM, To UoM and Conversion Factor fields.

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