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About Opportunities, Accounts, and Products

This topic discusses how opportunities, accounts, and products relate to revenues and forecasting.
An opportunity is a potential revenue-generating event. Opportunity-related information

is recorded and tracked in the views associated with the Opportunities screen.

An account is a business external to your company. An account represents a current or potential

client, a business partner, or a competitor. Accounts are a source of business for your company and opportunity records store information that you can use to manage accounts.

Specific products can be associated with an opportunity. For example, if a customer is interested in

purchasing a new software suite, this information can be specified in the Products view.

For more information about creating accounts and opportunities, and adding products to opportunities, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide. For information about adding revenues to opportunities, accounts, and products, see Adding a New Revenue to an Opportunity (End User).

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