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About Using the My Team's Revenues View (End User)

The My Team's Revenues view allows a manager to see the revenue items for which a subordinate is listed as the sales representative. A revenue item is a portion of an opportunity. Using the Opportunities screen's Revenues view, the members of the sales team can allocate specific portions of the overall opportunity to individual sales team members. This allows each of their managers to see their portion of the overall opportunity by using the My Team's Revenues view.

The primary sales representative is already listed as the owner of the overall opportunity. The telesales representative might also take credit for some portion of the opportunity, while each product specialist takes credit for their product-related revenues. Their respective managers would see, in the My Team's Revenues view, each of their subordinate's level of involvement in that opportunity. For more information about using the My Team's Revenues view, see Reviewing Revenues (End User).

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