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Configuring the Calendar

The Calendar screen in your Siebel applications can be configured to support the requirements of users based in different locales in a global deployment.

For example, the first day of the week displayed in the weekly and monthly calendar views can be specified using the applet user property First Day of Week. Integer values correspond to days of the week: 0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, and so on. First Day of Week is set to 1 (Monday) by default for the applet HI Calendar Base Applet. You can set this user property differently for other locale-specific calendar applets, according to your user requirements. Multiple locale-specific calendar applets can be included in one view, and hidden or exposed as appropriate for each user, using personalization.

For more information about configuring the Calendar, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide. See also Using Siebel Tools, Configuring Siebel Business Applications, and related documents.

Alternatively, an integration using Siebel Server Sync for Microsoft Exchange Server (SSSE) provides the Embedded Outlook Calendar deployment option, which may meet your global deployment requirements for calendar display. For more information, see Siebel Server Sync Guide.

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