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Testing an Unshipped Language

This topic is part of Localizing an Unshipped Language.

You must test the Siebel application that uses the unshipped language. Interim testing can verify the tasks previously performed, prior to completing your localization steps, as described in Completing Localization for an Unshipped Language. Retest again at appropriate points to verify all remaining localization steps.

To test the Siebel applications for the unshipped language

  1. Restart the Siebel Server and the Web server to have the new settings take effect. This step also copies static files from the Siebel Server to the Web server.
  2. Start the Application Object Manager for your unshipped language XXX (such as PLK for Polish) and test the application.

    If you copied elements from the base language YYY to use for the unshipped language XXX, the application user interface appears in YYY language. The application splash screen, which is not localizable, also appears in the base language YYY. (For more information about non-localizable elements, see Defining the Scope of the Localization.)

    NOTE:  If you are using multilingual list of values (MLOV) columns, make sure they are available in the appropriate values for language XXX.

  3. Navigate to Administration - Data > List of Values and select a column that can be used as a multilingual list of values (MLOV), for example, ACCOUNT_STATUS.
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