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Setting the Database Server to UTC

As part of enabling UTC for a new or upgrade deployment, you can optionally set the operating system time of the database server for the Siebel Database to a time zone based on GMT.

NOTE:  Deploying Siebel applications using UTC does not require you to set the operating system clock for the database server machine to UTC (a GMT time zone without DST), as described here. This task is optional. See also Guidelines for UTC and Non-UTC Deployments.

The specific method of setting the system time to UTC on the database server depends on the operating system you are using. Many operating systems have a time zone setting called UTC or something similar. Other systems have time zone options described as Greenwich Mean Time without daylight savings time—the equivalent of UTC.

NOTE:  Some databases, such as Oracle, provide listener programs which can be run on other machines than the database server machine. If you set the system clock on the database server machine to UTC, it is recommended to also set the time on these listener machines to UTC.

To set the database server machine to use UTC in Windows

  1. In the Windows task bar, double-click the time indicator to display the Date and Time Properties dialog box.
  2. Click the Time Zone tab.
  3. Specify (GMT) Casablanca, Monrovia.

    Select this GMT time zone for UTC because daylight savings time (DST) is not observed. For more information, see About Global Time Zone and Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

  4. Turn off the option Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes.

    NOTE:  This step is not strictly required if you chose (GMT) Casablanca, Monrovia instead of a different GMT time zone, but may be considered precautionary.

  5. Click OK.

To set the database server machine to use UTC in UNIX

  • Set TZ=UTC0 in the /etc/config file.

Use the system-level time zone unless you need to have a different time zone for a particular purpose. In this case, set the time zone at the shell level by following the vendor documentation for your operating system.

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