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Performing UTC Delta Conversion

This topic is part of Converting Historical Data to UTC.

You may want to perform a UTC delta conversion if you have upgraded to Siebel Business Applications, Release 7.0.x, performed the UTC conversion, and then upgraded to the current version (release 8.0) of Siebel Business Applications. Completing this task converts the data in columns that changed from non-UTC to UTC in the Siebel Repository.

To perform the UTC delta conversion

  1. Navigate to the bin subdirectory in SIEBSRVR_ROOT.
  2. Open the file master_utc.ucf in a text editor.
  3. In master_utc.ucf, replace all occurrences of driver_utc.ucf with driver_utc_delta.ucf.
  4. Launch the Database Configuration Utility to run the UTC conversion utility, as described in Running the UTC Conversion Utility.

    NOTE:  If you run the UTC conversion utility again to perform UTC delta conversion, you must repeat all the above steps in this procedure.

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