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Configuring Print Applets for the Siebel Handheld Application

Configure print applets as you do any other applet using Siebel Tools. In addition, set the following properties for each applet in the view:

  • Set the HTML Popup Dimension value to 0x0.

    The 0x0 setting hides the applet from the user who must not see the applet that is used to generate the document. Exposure of these applets complicates a product that is tightly configured for an effective and efficient workflow on a small mobile device.

    NOTE:  For compatibility with previous versions, Oracle continues to support the name, Popup Dimension, for this property. However, it is recommended that you use HTML Popup Dimension.

  • Set the name of the Mail Template to be the name of the print template file. For more information about the print template file, see Creating Print Templates for the Siebel Handheld Application. For more information about the Mail Template property, see Views with Associated Print Templates or Reports.
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