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Configuring Alpha Tabs in List Applets for the Siebel Handheld Client

You can configure alpha tabs in list applets for Siebel Handheld applications to act on one or more list applet columns and to appear as a row of tabs at the top of the applet. Alpha tabs have the following characteristics:

  • Can be configured for any field in the list applet provided the field is set up as the Alpha Tab Search Field user property in Siebel Tools.
  • Can only be configured for one field at a time in the list applet.
  • Can be configured to display either in single letter format (ungrouped) or in multiple letter (grouped) format.
  • Can facilitate localizable tab definitions based on grouped and ungrouped alpha tab format. For example, alpha tabs can be configured for additional accented characters (in the case of some European Languages) and for English character ranges or local character ranges (in the case of some Asian Languages).
  • Can include an ALL grouping which will show all records in the list applet by default the first time a user navigates to the view after launching the application.
  • Can disable, if configured, any filters applied to the view the first time the view loads.
  • Are supported in portrait orientation, landscape orientation, and on square screens.

To configure alpha tabs in list applets

  1. In Siebel Tools, configure the AlphaTab Named Search property on the List object.

    For more information about this user property, see AlphaTab Named Search User Property.

  2. Decide whether you want your alpha tabs to display in grouped or ungrouped format. The default behavior is to show grouped alpha tabs.

    To display ungrouped alpha tabs, set the value of the DisableAlphaTabGroups user property for the applet to TRUE.

    For more information about this user property, see DisableAlphaTabGroups User Property.

    By default, your Siebel Handheld application ships with grouped and ungrouped versions of alpha tabs for each language. For example:


    _SPEC represents the range for the search specification and _DISPLAY represents the strings that will be displayed on each tab. Currently, you cannot override these specifications.

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