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User Properties for Calendar Settings

Administrators can set the following user properties to enhance the calendar views for the Siebel Handheld applications:

  • SHCEDailySlotHeight
  • SHCEHideStatusBar
  • SHCEHideToolBar
  • SHCEMenuBackButton
  • SHCEMenuForwardButton
  • SHCEMenuNewButton
  • UseSystemLocale

For more information about how to use these properties, see User Properties and Methods.

NOTE:  Registry settings take precedence over a user property configured from the user interface.

The administrator can also change the Setup.ini file to add the following Registry Setting parameters. These parameters are used by all calendar views:

SHCEMenuNewButton = TRUE
SHCEMenuBackButton = TRUE
SHCEMenuForwardButton = TRUE
SHCEHideToolBar = TRUE
SHCEHideStatusBar = TRUE
UseSystemLocale = TRUE
AuxiliaryConfigPath = \Program Files\Siebel Handheld\Templates\AuxConfig.txt

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