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Performing Setup for Initial String Translation

In order to perform the initial string translation you must perform the following steps prior to installation:

To set up Siebel Handheld application for initial string translation

  1. In the installation directory of the Siebel Handheld application, add the following two lines to the setup.ini file:


  2. Install the Siebel Handheld application.

    During application initialization and the subsequent startup, the file 'userstr.tmp' is generated within the ApplicationDataDirectory (by default this is \Program Files\Siebel Handheld). This file is generated upon startup whenever the UserDefinedFlag is set to Y within the registry of the Handheld application and an existing userstr.txt cannot be found.

  3. Copy the generated file over to the computer where you will be performing the string translation.
  4. Translate the strings as required and remove any untranslated strings from the file.

    For example, given the following exported strings:

    33873|Tab delimited text file\
    33876|Only Active applet\
    33877|All applets in view\
    33878|Output file name\
    33880|And paste output to clipboard\
    33881|And open file\

    Translate the required strings and remove any untranslated strings as follows:

    33873|Archivo delimitado por tabulaciones\
    33876|Sólo el applet activo\
    33877|Todos los applets de la vista\
    33878|Nombre del &archivo de salida:\
    33880|Y pegar salida en el &portapapeles\
    33881|Y &abrir el archive

    NOTE:  Strings 33872 and 33879 were removed from the userstr.txt, because they were not required to be translated.

  5. Save the file as userstr.txt in a UNICODE file format and then copy back into the ApplicationDataDirectory on the handheld device.
  6. After restarting the Siebel Handheld application, the translated strings are read from userstr.txt in place of the strings included in the binaries of the Handheld application.
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