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Mapping a Button for Socket In-Hand Scan Card

Siebel Handheld applications support embedded barcode scanners provided in Symbol and Intermec devices. In addition, Handheld applications support certain Socket scan cards. See Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb for a list of supported handheld devices and socket scan cards. Note that different socket scan cards will require different scan card driver programs to be installed. Check with the card vendors or their Web sites for required driver program installation.

For Intermec and Symbol devices, the barcode scanning can be triggered by the built-in buttons. If you are using Socket scan cards, the following steps are required to be taken on the handheld device for mapping a button to the barcode-triggering utility software, SocketTrigger.exe.

To map a button to SocketTrigger.exe (Socket Scan Card only)

  1. On your handheld device, open the application that enables you to customize the hardware button functions. For example, on Windows Mobile Version 5.0, choose Start > Settings > Personal > Buttons.
  2. From the button list, select a button to trigger In-Hand Scan Card.
  3. In the button assignment field, select SocketTrigger.
  4. Confirm your selection.

NOTE:  The ^ character signifies a circumflex.

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