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About BatchSync for Siebel Handheld Applications

BatchSync is a utility that enables Siebel Handheld customers to split the Siebel Handheld synchronization process into several steps, as opposed to requiring a complete synchronization (sync) session. When batch processing is enabled, you can select from one of four sync options after logging in:

  • Full Sync. Uploads transactions to the Siebel Server, processes transactions, extracts a configuration repository and database, downloads the repository and database to the handheld device, and logs off.
  • Upload Only, Auto Download Later. Uploads transactions to the Siebel Server and sets the handheld device to wait mode. After a specified period of time, the handheld device begins polling the Siebel Servers at a predefined time interval. If, during polling, the device detects a valid extract such as an un-expired dbfile.txt, the extract automatically downloads to the handheld device.
  • Upload Only. Uploads transactions to the Siebel Server and immediately logs off to enable transaction processing. If you need to create a new extract on the handheld device, the Upload Only session must be followed up by a Download Only session after the batchextract.exe completes on the Siebel Server.
  • Download Only. Downloads a new database extract, followed by logoff. This option is only available if there is a valid or un-expired extract on the Siebel Server, and if there are no transactions remaining on the handheld device that requires uploading to the Siebel Server.
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