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Enabling BatchSync for Siebel Handheld Applications

To split the synchronization process into several steps, you must enable the BatchSync utility for the Siebel Handheld application.

To enable Batch Synchronization

  1. Install the Siebel Handheld application on the handheld device. No changes are required to the setup.ini or registry files.
  2. Log on to the Siebel application from the Web. Ensure that the following are set up and running: Siebel Server, Handheld Synchronization components, and Batch Sync component.
  3. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile > Application Administration view.
  4. Select the application you are using, navigate to the Settings Tab, and set the following parameters to enable batch synchronization:
    • EnableBatchExtraction:TRUE
      If set to TRUE, this parameter enables the batch synchronization functionality. Disable batch synchronization is the default
    • ExtractionExpiration: 12
      This parameter specifies the number of hours that is used to determine when a database extraction has expired. When a database extraction expires, the batch synchronization re-extracts the databases. If no value is specified, then the databases are extracted each time they are requested.
  5. Launch the Siebel Handheld application from the handheld device.
  6. Select File > Synchronize to synchronize the Siebel Handheld application with the Siebel Server.

    After the synchronization process completes, the new settings are downloaded to the handheld device.

  7. Select File > Synchronize to synchronize the Siebel Handheld application with the Siebel Server again.
  8. Enter your username and password, and select Start.
  9. Verify that the four sync options are displayed:
    • Full Sync
    • Upload Now, Auto Download Later
    • Upload Only
    • Download Only

      The option, Upload Only, is inactive if no new transaction records reside on the device. Download Only will be inactive because no extract exists for the user on the Siebel Server yet.

  10. Select Full Sync, and select All to set all filters during the synchronization process.
  11. Launch the Siebel Handheld application from the device, and add some transaction records to the handheld device.
  12. Start the synchronization, select Upload Only, and select OK.

To check the status of the batch synchronization, see Reviewing Batch Synchronization Status.

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