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Running a Batch Extract

When specifying a batch extract, administrators can specify that they want to extract data for users who have uploaded their transactions to the server where the component is running.

To run a batch extract

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile screen > BatchSync Administration view.
  2. Select the users for whom you want to run a batch extract.
  3. Click Schedule Extract to change the batch extract status of the selected Handheld application user to Scheduled.

    Details of the Handheld application user is extracted when the batch synchronization component is run with the appropriate run-mode. When the batch extract finishes, all users with a status of Batch Extract have the value of Scheduled and are extracted for download.

    NOTE:  The devices for the selected users are able to perform a download-only synchronization and download their extract.

  4. Click Unschedule Extract to change the batch extract status of the selected user to Unscheduled.
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