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Setting the ApplicationDirectory Parameter

ApplicationDirectory is an application-level parameter that is defined in the Administration - Mobile screen. The default value for this parameter in the standard product is hhsync\app_name, where app_name is the name of the application, such as sales or service, and so on. You can set this parameter using the following procedures.

To set the ApplicationDirectory Parameter

  1. Login to the Siebel Server using a user ID with a Siebel administrator responsibility.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile screen > Application Administration view.
  3. Select the appropriate application (for example, Siebel Sales for CE) from the Handheld Applications list.
  4. In the bottom applet, choose the Settings view tab and set the value of the ApplicationDirectory parameter to be the shared network location using a UNC format, for example, as follows: \\shareddsk\hhsync\sales.
  5. Save the change.
  6. Restart the Handheld Object Manager server component.

NOTE:  The location for the ApplicationDirectory must be a networked, high performance, highly available drive. SAN or NAS with a high RAID rating is a good option for this purpose.

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