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Responding to Synchronization Errors in Siebel Handheld Applications

When reviewing a synchronization error, you can respond to it in one of three ways—you can ignore it, export it, or reapply it.

To respond to synchronization transaction errors

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile screen > Conflict Administration view.

    The Transactions list appears. The transaction buttons are described in the following table:



    Reapplies the selected transaction with values listed in the view (or Field Value view). These values override the results provided by the Siebel Server.


    Exports the content of the transaction in the same format used by the synchronization engine. This output file can be sent to Siebel Technical Support for problem analysis.


    Accepts the current status and does not act upon the error. The record becomes read-only. There is no impact, except that the error will no longer appear in queries for unresolved conflicts.

  2. Click either Reapply, Export, or Ignore depending on your needs.

NOTE:  This works only when the Object Manager is running on a Windows-based server.

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