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Installing the Components for Direct Server Synchronization Using the Siebel Server Installer

Install the Siebel Server, following the instructions in the Siebel Server installation guide for the operating system you are using. When you reach the Setup Type screen in the Installer wizard, you are presented with three installation options:

  • Typical. This setup option installs all Siebel Server components except those displayed.
  • Compact. This setup option installs only those components necessary to run the Siebel Server, but no additional components or help.
  • Custom. This setup option lets you customize your installation by choosing the specific components you want to install.

To install the components for Direct Server Synchronization with your Siebel Server installation

  1. During the Siebel Server installation, when the Setup Type screen appears, choose the Custom setting, and then click Next.

    NOTE:  At this screen, you can also choose a different directory for your Siebel Server installation.

  2. From the following components, choose Handheld Synchronization:
    • Object Manager Component
    • Handheld Synchronization
    • Siebel Data Quality Connector
    • Remote Search Support
    • Siebel Java Integrator

      NOTE:  You must enable synchronization on your handheld device to enable Direct Server Synchronization for your installation.

  3. Click Next.

    Continue with the installation in the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

The install wizard automatically installs and configures the components for Direct Server Synchronization.

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