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Optimizing Siebel Server Process Management for Direct Server Synchronization

Several parameters are outlined below that help optimize Siebel Server processing for Direct Server Synchronization.

To set parameters to optimize Siebel Server process management

  1. Log into the Siebel application as a user with Administrative responsibility.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration screen > Servers view > Components > Parameters view tab.
  3. In the Component Parameters sub-view, query for SalesCEObjManager.
  4. Use the following table to update the parameters.

    Max Tasks

    Determines the maximum number of threads that can run concurrently for a given component. Set the value of this parameter to a number equal to that of the expected peak number of concurrent synchronizations for each Siebel Server.

    Min MT Servers

    Determines how many multithreaded server processes are started by default for the Siebel Object Manager.

    Max MT Servers

    Defines the maximum number of processes supported by the instance of the Siebel Object Manager. The value for this parameter must be the same as Min MT servers and must be set so that threads for each process (Max Tasks/Max MT Servers) is optimized.

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