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Overview of Print Configuration Settings for Siebel Handheld Applications

The administrator sets up the default printer settings in the setup.ini file located in the setup directory. There are a number of parameters to specify printing on Siebel Handheld applications. The parameters specify the following:

  • Printer attributes (printer model, port, baud rate, and printer handshake).
  • Printing attributes (portrait or landscape orientation, print density and quality, use of compression techniques, and advancing continuous-feed paper).
  • Dimensions of the paper (U.S. or European standard paper sizes or custom-size paper).
  • Margin settings of the pages (left, right, top, and bottom margins).

These parameters are specified in the [Printing] section of the setup.ini file located in the setup directory. The file contains default settings for all the printing parameters. Review the settings in the file to verify that these settings will work for your printing environment. If necessary, edit the settings as required. You can use any text editor to edit the file.

Printing parameters are listed below in alphabetical order. Parameters are set up using the following syntax:


For example:

PrinterType = 1

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