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Variable Parameter Tags

Most parameters support variables. For example, a user can store a field value and use the field value as one of the parameters in a subsequent tag. Combining this feature with the Concat and Conditional tags and the SQL (WHERE) tag, you can construct complex query statements and print out the results.

Example 1

After the following tag sequence, var_equal contains "\"Status\"='Defective'":

<TAG:SETVARIABLE variable="var_equal" name="=">

<TAG:SETVARIABLE variable="var_fieldname" name="\"Status\"">

<TAG:SETVARIABLE variable="var_criteria" name="'Good'">

<TAG:CONCAT variable="var_equal" prepend="<variable>var_fieldname" append= "<variable>var_criteria">

NOTE:  To include double quotes in a parameter, include a backslash before them.

Example 2

The following example includes a variable in the header tag:

<TAG:HEADER left="<page>" center="<variable>numrows" right="<date>">

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