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About Synchronization Options

From the Siebel Handheld Sync dialog, the following items are contained in the Options menu:

  • Filters: If this is the first time you synchronize, then the default filters are used. Enables you to choose the screens that you want to filter. Choose the filter for each screen that you select. You can choose only one filter for each screen.
  • Change User: This option enables a new user to use the handheld device when the original user no longer needs the device. The Siebel Handheld application does not need to be re-installed when a new user wants to access the application from the handheld device.

    NOTE:  If there are pending transactions for the current user, you have to synchronize them first before you can change to a different user name.

  • Save Password: If you want to save your password so that you do not need to enter it each time you access the Siebel Handheld Sync dialog, select the Save Password check box.

    When you select Save Password, the password is encrypted and saved on your hard drive. Once the password is saved, when you start the application you do not see the Siebel Handheld Sync login dialog. The encrypted password must be deleted in order for you to be able to access the login dialog box. To remove the encrypted password, delete "Password=<encrypted text>" under the [Parameters] section of the pimsync.cfg file.

    Save password check box is enabled only if the Allow Save Password application setting is set to TRUE on the server. That is done using the Administration - Mobile screen on the server. Once the password is saved on the device, you are not prompted for the password when the Siebel Handheld application is launched. Similarly, when you invoke the Siebel Handheld Sync login dialog, the password and user name is pre-populated if password is already saved on the device.

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