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Stages of the Caching VBC Process

The caching VBC process uses the following process flow.

  1. The Caching VBC invokes the named service when queried.
  2. User properties on the VBC identify:
    • Whether or not to enable caching
    • The service name to invoke (SIA Billing Extern Service)
    • The integration object name to be passed to the service as an input parameter
    • The workflow process name to be passed to the service as an input parameter
  3. When the VBC is executed, the VBC calls the business service and passes it the integration object name and workflow process name.
  4. The business service instantiates the named integration object and populates it with values in the currently active business object without using the EAI Siebel Adapter.
  5. The business service passes the integration object instance to the SiebelMessage workflow process property and invokes the workflow process.
  6. The workflow process handles any integration tasks, including communicating with the external system.

    It receives data from the external system and populates a hierarchical process property that matches the field structure of the VBC.

  7. The workflow process completes.
  8. The business service reads the hierarchical output process property from the workflow process property named VBC Output and compares it with the fields in the VBC.

    Where matching field names are encountered, the value in the output process property is copied to the VBC. Field names that do not match are ignored and do not generate an error.

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