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Siebel HelpDesk and Support Organizations

Siebel HelpDesk is a suite of support solutions which allows organizations to manage service for their internal support organizations. The Siebel HelpDesk module is designed to reduce the support agent's workload while increasing first-contact problem resolution rates. Siebel Automated Solutions allows employees to fix applications, run automated diagnostics scripts on their computers to remotely analyze other employees' computers, chat electronically with other employees, and audit the network for hardware and software inventories.

Using Siebel HelpDesk, organizations can create new help desks to capture information for each internal service situation. Each help desk can include its own subareas and routing rules, and administrators can configure rules for each subarea. This capability allows the organization to provide a single, consistent interface to the support function across departments.

In addition, Siebel HelpDesk provides the tools for asset inventory, digital ID inventory, auto-assignment and other support automation features to reduce the need for intervention by support specialists.

Using Siebel HelpDesk, problems can be tracked and measured against a single service-level agreement (SLA). This capability allows each employee to receive a consistent level of service, because issues are recognized and escalated to facilitate a resolution.

Siebel HelpDesk helps organizations create and maintain a single repository of information so that employees can access the most current answers to questions.

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