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AutoBook and Noncritical Assets

Noncritical assets are reserved using the AutoBook functionality. When launched, the AutoBook process attempts to book all line items listed for the function at the property where the event is being held for the specified function time. The AutoBook process reserves the first available listed assets that meet the line item's quantity and time period specifications.

Using AutoBook, event and operations managers can first enter all the applicable noncritical Function line items and then click AutoBook to reserve all of the line items at one time.

After the initial entry, if line items are added or quantities changed, then the Inventory Status of the asset is changed to Not Booked. The sales representative must then re-launch the availability check using the AutoBook function. If the user deletes line items, then the item is automatically unbooked.

AutoBook can also be used in some instances to reserve critical resources. For example, the user might change the function time or service time and, as a result, the critical asset that is booked becomes unbooked. In this case the user can then rebook the critical asset by clicking AutoBook.

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