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Scenario for Booking Hospitality Assets

When booking a Hospitality asset, a sales representative can book both property-specific products, and can also book common products that have assets at various properties. For example, a particular property may have video conferencing capabilities that are specific to that property. On the other hand, many properties may have projectors for conferences that can be provided to other properties if requested. In this case, the sales representative would only be able to book the video conferencing facilities for the property at which it is available. However, it would be possible to book common product assets, like the projector, from another property.

Siebel Hospitality allows the user to book property-specific assets using the AutoBook and Double Book functionality. In order to book assets from other properties, the sales representative must launch cluster booking to add cluster products, and then must book these products using Cluster AutoBook and Cluster Double Book.

After assets have been booked, you can view all assets associated with a product, and also view the availability and booking information for these assets, and if necessary locate an appropriate substitute for the asset if it cannot be booked.

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