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Service Charge Administration

Service Charges are associated with a specific property, and they are only included in the calculation for a product if the following conditions exist:

  • The service charge is associated with both a charge code linked to the Business Type (local or group) of an event quote and the product's revenue subcategory.
  • The service charge is applicable at the property where the event is being held.

Service charges and taxes are time-dependent; both have a start date and an end date. Service charge and tax date applicability is based on when the function with which the line item is associated occurred. Because multiple functions can be associated with each order and these calculations are performed on an order basis, service charges and taxes may be different for different functions on one order. For example, one function occurs on 12/31/03 and another occurs on 1/1/04. A new set of taxes and service charges become effective at the beginning of the new year. If a function spans two days, then the tax applicability date is the first day.

A service charge is a fee applied to a product or service. An administrative fee is a type of service charge specific to a property. For example, an energy fee is an administrative fee that is added to a room charge. Service charges can be taxable, depending on the tax regulations for the property. Taxes are usually associated with service charges at the time the service charge is defined, although the tax can be added a later date.

There are two levels of visibility for Service charges as follows:

  • All Service Charges. This view is used to manage all service charges for a particular property. This view would be used by a property revenue manager at a specific property to manage the service charges for the property with which the user is associated.
  • All Service Charges Across Properties. This view is used to manage all service charges for all properties in your organization's chain of properties. This view would be used by a corporate property revenue manager to manage service charges for all properties.

This section contains the following topics, and is a step in Process of Setting Up Charge Codes, Taxes, and Service Charges.

  1. Creating a Service Charge
  2. Associating a Service Charge with a Property
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