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Assigning Category Bookings

If the revenue manager is satisfied with the specific space assignments that are displayed in the Function Space Diary, the manager can convert all category bookings for the day into specific space bookings using the Assign button. The function space inventory engine automatically accounts for new bookings as well as existing bookings and assigns the category bookings to the specific spaces.

By default, time and space optimization is enabled for assigning bookings to specific spaces. However, if there are high numbers of function spaces available for the current property, time and space optimization can slow the assigning process significantly, and assignment may take several minutes to complete. It may be more practical to disable time and space optimization in such circumstances.

NOTE:  Users can only choose to disable or enable time and space optimization when the time scale selected is Month/Day-of-Week or Week/Day. When the other time scales are selected, time and space optimization is enabled by default and the Menu button options are not available.

To assign category bookings with space and time optimization disabled

  1. Navigate to the Function Space Diary screen.
  2. In the Properties form, query for the property record.
  3. Click the appropriate view tab (Sales/Execution, Revenue Management, Compact Diary, or Total Availability).
  4. In the selected view, enter the required start date and time scale (Month/Day-of-Week or Week/Day), and then click Go.
  5. Click the view's toolbar, then click the menu button, and select Disable Space/Time Optimization.
  6. Click the Assign button to assign the category bookings to specific spaces.

To assign category bookings with space and time optimization enabled

  1. Follow the steps in the previous procedure to view the required information in the diary view.
  2. On the view's toolbar, click the Menu button and select Enable Space/Time Optimization.
  3. Click Assign to assign the category bookings to specific spaces.
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