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Querying the Function Space Diary

Through the Function Space query assistant, users can create queries that are based on booking as well as function space attributes. The query assistant is available from each diary view. The query assistant is divided into two sections, Functions/Bookings and Function Spaces.

When the user enters criteria in any of the sections, that user can then decide to use the Boolean operators, AND or OR. If that user uses AND, the bookings or function spaces returned must meet all their specified criteria. If that user uses OR, bookings or function spaces with any of the criteria are returned in the diary.

Users can enter parameters into either or both of the sections. If they enter query parameters into both sections, the results returned must meet the criteria set in both.

When users execute their queries, the diary changes to display only the appropriate information, as determined by their query criteria. Dependency bookings are also indicated within the diary when possible.

For more information on using the query assistant, see Fundamentals.

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