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Printing from the Function Space Diary

Users can print each of the different Gantt charts displayed in the Function Space Diary. Complete the following procedure to print the information currently displayed in a diary view.

To print a Function Space Diary view

  1. Navigate to the Function Space Diary screen.
  2. In the Properties form, query for the property record.
  3. Click the appropriate view tab (Sales/Execution, Revenue Management, Total Availability, or Compact Diary).
  4. In the selected view, enter the required start date and time scale, and then click Go.
  5. Scroll to view the bookings or functions you want to print.
  6. On the view's toolbar, click the menu button, and select Print.

    Selecting Print launches Microsoft Word, and the Gantt chart is copied as an image to the new document. This image displays what can currently be seen within the Function Space Diary.

  7. Print the Gantt chart using Word's Print feature.
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