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Function Space Diary Overview

The Function Space Diary is a Gantt chart used by sales representatives, event managers, and revenue managers to manage day-to-day bookings of function space and to optimize event operations. The Gantt chart displays the allocation of resources across time. For example:

  • Sales representatives use the diary to verify the availability of function space.
  • Event managers use the diary to view availability and achieve operational efficiency for an event. For example, event managers might use the diary to identify events that have multiple food and beverage requirements and relocate those events to function spaces close to the kitchen.
  • Revenue managers use the diary to review function space availability as an indicator of future revenue and to develop recommendations on how function space can be used to bring in additional revenue for the property. The process of assigning category bookings to specific space is also managed by the revenue managers.

The Function Space Diary shows function space bookings over various time periods and allows event personnel to change the time scale. They can, for example, filter the data shown by start date, time scale, display, and turn times. Color coding indicators differentiate between weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

The following sections discuss the use of the Function Space Diary:

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