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About Event Checks

An event check is an invoice for the event. The process of generating an event check requires several subprocesses which take place before and after the event.

Users can either open an event check before or after an event. If necessary, the event manager can generate a trial check, which can be used to view total owed, the total service charges, or the total taxes for the event, and these amounts can be quoted to the customer. Generating a trial check does not cause the order to be frozen, which means that modifications can be made to the order after the trial check has been generated. The trial check can be generated many times before the actual event occurs.

After the event manager is satisfied that all details for the order have been added to the order record, that manager can generate an event check. When the event check is generated, the order is frozen, and no more changes can be made to the order. When an event check is opened, the Event Check header is created, and a unique number is assigned.

The event check process is usually initiated a few days before the event date. During this period, the operations team member can continue to add products to the orders. Products of type simple or complex are added to the order function line item. The products can have different taxes and service charge inclusions, which determine the way event checks are generated and displayed.

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