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Defining Turntime and Time Interval Information for Function Space Display

The revenue manager typically defines the display patterns (for example cross-hatched, downward hatched, and so on), that denote setup time and tear-down time in the Function Space Diary.

This task is a step in Defining Function Space and Asset Inventory Status Indicators.

To define turntime and time interval information

  1. Navigate to the Function Space Administration screen > Function Space Diary Administration form.
  2. In the FSD Administration form, complete the fields.
    1. In the Turntime Information section, select the display pattern type in the Setup Time and Tear Down Time fields.

      For example, select CROSS HATCHED.

    2. In the Time Interval Information section, select values in the Time Scale, Start Time, and End Time fields.

      For example, select Time Scale = Day/Hour. In this case, defining the time interval means that the Diary would be displayed in Day/Hour.

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