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Defining Sleeping Room Inventory Controls

An administrator can create inventory controls for sleeping rooms. This process assumes that the administrator has already created the appropriate sleeping rooms for the property. For more information, see Creating Sleeping Rooms.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Inventory Controls.

Group authorized level inventory controls are specified to limit the number of reserved, concurrent bookings that can be made for sleeping rooms. These inventory controls must be created for each sleeping room type. The value entered for the group authorized level can be less, equal, or more than the capacity. When this limit is reached, the inventory status remains Unreserved unless you overbook the sleeping room. Unlike function spaces, no limits are defined for overbooking sleeping rooms. This lack of limitation means that as soon as the group authorized level limit is reached, you can then choose to overbook the sleeping rooms as many times as needed.

To define sleeping room inventory controls

  1. Navigate to the Property Pricing Admin screen.
  2. In the Properties list, query for the property record, and then click the link in the Property Name field.
  3. Click the Inventory Control view tab.
  4. Click the Sleeping Room link to navigate to that view.
  5. In the Inventory Controls list, create a new record.
  6. Enter a start and end date for the inventory control.

    The start and end date values are validated. The Start Date value must be less than or equal to the End Date value and the duration between Start Date and End Date cannot be greater than one year.

  7. In the Sleeping Room field, click the select button, and choose the appropriate sleeping room type.

    NOTE:  The sleeping room types displayed in the Pick Room Type dialog box include only those types that are effective throughout the entire specified time period.

  8. Choose the appropriate rule from the Rule Type drop-down list:
    • Choose Group Authorized Level to define a limit for the number of reserved, concurrent bookings that can be made for this sleeping room type.
    • Choose Group Optimal Level to enter the group optimal value for this sleeping room type. This value represents what the revenue manager thinks is the ideal level between group and transient availability and is used for sleeping room calculations.
  9. Select the inventory control records that you want to use, and click Apply.

    The results of the applied inventory controls appear in the Total Group Availability list, starting from the first day applied.

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