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Optioning Function Space

When the authorization level value for the function space is reached, the user can maintain an option on the function space in case a cancellation occurs. The authorization level is an inventory control for the function space, which allows the administrator to specify a value for the number of times the function space can be booked. This value is usually set higher or equal to the capacity level. For more information about defining authorization levels, see Setting Up Inventory Controls.

The function space can be optioned as many times as allowed by the option limit. The option limit is entered as part of the inventory control setup.

The Option button can only be used when the inventory status is unreserved, or when no status appears for the inventory. During the process of optioning function space, users can select multiple functions and click the Option button. Each time Option is used, a new availability check is launched.

If the function space is available because of a cancellation, then the function space is reserved. If the function space is not available, then the inventory status is set to Optioned.

If the function space becomes available, then the following actions occur:

  1. The optioned function holds the function space.
  2. An email is generated and sent to the owner of the quote. The quote owner with the option must reserve the function space within three hours.

NOTE:  The time stipulation can be configured using the TNT SHM Optioned Booking Expiry workflow. When the time has been changed, the workflow must then be redeployed. See Hospitality Workflow Processes for more information.

  1. The inventory status changes from Optioned to Option Reserved.
  2. If the sales representative does not respond within the stipulated time, then the Option Reserved inventory status changes to Unreserved.

    When the inventory status changes to Option Reserved and the function space selected is a specific space, the sales representative can choose to accept the option. To accept the option, click the menu button in the Function Space list, and select Accept Option button. The inventory status changes to Reserved.

NOTE:  Users cannot option function space when managing NPPs.

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