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Inventory Critical Fields at the Quote Level

Changing the values in certain fields in the quote record can also impact the status of inventory.

Arrival Date Updates

If the user updates the Arrival Date in the quote record, a message alerts the user that the new date may result in the loss of reserved inventory. The system attempts to perform a reservation for the new date and automatically updates the Date field for the Room Block Line Item and Function records. If the inventory is available, the system rebooks the inventory against the new arrival date. If the availability check fails, the Inventory Status field is set to Unreserved for the Room Block Line Item and Function records and Not Booked for the Function Line Item records.

NOTE:  If the user updates the arrival date and nothing changes for the selected sleeping rooms, check that the sleeping room is effective on the new date. If the sleeping room is not effective, the change will not be taken into account.

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