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Assigning Property-Specific Products to Catalog Categories

You can associate property-specific products with catalog categories other than the default catalog category for that property. You do this by associating additional catalog categories with a property, and then adding products to those categories. For more information about default catalog categories for properties, see Associating a Default Catalog Category With a Property.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Menus and Packages.

To assign a property-specific product to a catalog category

  1. Navigate to the Property Administration screen, then the Properties view.
  2. Identify the property to which you want to add a catalog category and drill down on the property's Name field.
  3. Click the Catalog Categories view tab.
  4. In the Catalog Categories list, add a new record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the table that follows.


    Effective Start Date

    First day when the category applies to this property. Defaults to the current date.

    Effective End Date

    Last day when the category applies to this property.


    Select to make the category visible only to users belonging to the access groups associated with it. If the category is private, all of its associated products will also be private.


    Number of products associated with this category.

  5. On the Products list in the lower part of the Catalog Categories view, add a record for the product you want to associate with the selected catalog category.
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