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Adding Products to a Property

To add product records to a selected property, follow this procedure.

NOTE:  Products must be released to make them visible to users. Siebel Hospitality releases a product automatically when you complete the creation procedure. For more information about releasing products, see the chapter on releasing products and other versioned objects in Siebel Product Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Menus and Packages.

To add a product to a property

  1. Navigate to the Property Administration screen, then the Properties view.
  2. Identify the property to which you want to add a product and drill down on the property's Name field.
  3. Click the Event Order/Menu Items view tab.
  4. In the Event Order/Menu Items list, add a new record and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the table that follows.


    Picklist selections are as follows:

    • Event Order Item. Non-F&B-related product.
    • Menu Item. F&B-related product.


    Identifies related groups of products. Allows users to do searches for products classified by these related groups. For example, Ice Creams could be a grouping, and this would help users to find all the ice creams that are stocked in a property.

    Available values vary according to the selection in the Type field.

    Resource Type

    Picklist selections are as follows:

    • Critical. Item is necessary for an event to occur. The application tries to reserve this item when a quote is created.
    • General. Item is noncritical; that is, not necessary for an event to occur.
    • Non Critical. Item is noncritical; that is, not necessary for an event to occur.

    Revenue Sub Category

    Select a Revenue Sub Category with which to associate this item.

    Revenue Category

    Read only; populated from the selected Revenue Sub Category.

    Parent Revenue Category

    Read only; populated from the selected Revenue Sub Category.


    Allows you to associate the product with a product grouping. This allows end users to search for products based on the groupings to which they belong. Product groupings are user-defined and are specific to your company's business requirements.


    Allows you to select products that can be substituted for the current product. Displayed choices are limited to those of the same Product Type as the current product. You can select multiple substitutes. Allows end users to select substitute products from the list of those you specify.

    Recommendation Message

    Enter a message that an end user can use to influence a customer to buy the product. For example, if the product is an entree, specify a wine that is compatible.

    Preventative Maintenance Plan

    Allows you to associate a preventative maintenance plan with the product. In the field's Preventative Maintenance dialog box, create a new record. In the Pick PM Plans dialog box, select a preventative maintenance plan. Click OK, then click OK again.

    After being associated with a preventative maintenance plan in this view, the product becomes visible on the Administration - Preventive Maintenance screen, Products view. For more information about preventative maintenance plans, see the chapter on preventive maintenance in Siebel Field Service Guide.

    Start Date

    First day when the product is available. Defaults to the current date.

    End Date

    Last day when the product is available.

    Generic Product

    Allows you to associate a single generic product with the current property-specific product. The application uses this information while generating a quote to map this specific product to the associated generic product specified in the opportunity.

    Choices are limited to products of Type = Generic, with valid start and end dates. The current product will replace the specified generic product in quotes.

  5. (Optional) Click Check Description Spelling to check the spelling in the Description field.

When you save the record, Siebel Hospitality creates and releases the product, and associates it with the default catalog category for the current property.

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