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Creating Assets for Property-Specific Products

You can create assets for the current product, and record their physical locations.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Menus and Packages.

To create an asset for a property-specific product

  1. In the lower part of the Property Administration screen, Event Order/Menu Items view, click the Assets subview tab.
  2. On the Assets list, add a new record and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the table that follows.

    Asset #

    Unique, system-generated number for this asset record. Can be different from the Serial Number.


    Currently selected product with which this asset is associated.


    Select a status of Active or Available to make the asset available for use. This will allow the asset to be selected for use at its property. Alternatively, select one of the other options to describe why it is not available for use.

    Status Update Date

    Date on which the status field was last updated.

    Storage Room

    Allows you to specify a physical location on the property where this asset is stored.

    Serial #

    User-defined code that identifies this individual asset.

    Last Inventory Date

    Last date on which this asset was inventoried.

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