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About Nonparticipating Properties

Nonparticipating properties (NPPs) are properties that do not use the Hospitality Event Sales Execution, Central Reservation System, or Function Space Inventory processes. However, events for these properties may be sold by a member of the property brand and the National Sales Organization (NSO). Event Booking Centers (EBC) sell space from and pass event opportunities to NPPs.

When you, as the administrator, create property records, you can flag a property as nonparticipating. Flagging a property in this manner has ongoing effects for end users when they work with opportunities and quotes for the property. For example, when you create an NPP, it is advised that only one sleeping room, one function space, and one catering product is created, as you do not have full details of what is available at the NPP. This means that only one type of sleeping room, function space, and catering product can be added to a quote for an NPP when it is generated from an opportunity.

When a property is designated as a nonparticipating property, all availability checks (for function spaces and sleeping rooms) and pricing features are disabled. This means that when a quote is generated from an opportunity for a nonparticipating property, the sales representative needs to manually update line item room nights, functions agendas, status, and revenue for the opportunity and quote. Also, asset checks are not carried out for assets associated with a function.

After a quote for an NPP has been fully created and all the information about the quote has been created, the sales representative can send an email to the NPP so that a representative for the NPP can confirm that the details of the quote are accurate. It is also possible to send a quote evaluation to the NPP by email, so that the quote can be evaluated by the NPP. There are templates present in Hospitality that extract the required information from the quote Summary and Evaluations form. If necessary you can create more templates from the Administration > Communications > All Templates > Simple view.

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