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About Event Order Generation

When a quote includes all the necessary details, the event manager or sales manager generates an order for that quote. This order contains details of all functions and function line items associated with the quote.

If there are a number of functions associated with a quote, the event manager can add as many details as necessary about a function, and then generate a single order for this function instead of generating a primary order for the entire quote. Thus, a number of orders can be generated for any one quote.

Even though a separate order is usually created for each function associated with a quote, it is possible to generate a single order for all functions in the quote. This capability gives event managers the flexibility to generate orders as they see fit.

When an order is generated from a quote, all functions associated with the quote, line items associated with the functions, and all pricing information are copied to the order. Similarly, when an order is generated from a function, line items and related pricing information are copied to the order.

Different order types exist for different purposes. If there are multiple orders for the event, any combination of order types can be used. The following order types are available:

  • AVEO (Audio/Visual Event Order). The AVEO may span several days.
  • BEO (Banquet Event Order). Used as guides to event setup by generating BEO reports. This type is intended for covering one day of an event only.
  • No BEO. This type indicates that the customer should not be invoiced for any line items on the selected order.

Each order is also associated with a price list. The price list determines the list price of each line item in the order. If there is a price list associated with the property where the parent event is located, that price list is the default price list for all the orders associated with the event.

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