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About Post Event and Resume Templates

A Post Event is an industry-standard document that is shared among convention network hotels. The event manager gathers information from the relevant hotel departments regarding what aspects of the event worked well and what aspects need improvement. The event manager also solicits customer feedback when completing this report. The property manager provides the event planner with the Post Event report, and this report accounts for the event's actual sleeping room reservations, food and beverage functions, function-room breakdown, and activities associated with the event.

A Resume is a collection of all details for a single event. This report includes sleeping room information, billing arrangements and meeting requirements including food, beverages, and audiovisual equipment. The report is distributed to all hotel departments and is usually shared with the event organizer.

Before the sales representative or event manager can create these reports, the administrator must set up an assessment template in the system. This template is used to standardize reports across all properties. In Siebel Hospitality, there can only be one Post Event and one Resume template that can be used to create the reports. This restriction means that all properties for your hospitality company will have consistent reports.

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